In the beginning….

Welcome to the new site of St. Mary’s la Prairie, my name is John Dolloff and I am the parish pastor. St. Mary’s is the Anglican expression of the body of Christ in the community of Portage la Prairie. We are a part of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land within the Anglican Church of Canada.

It is my hope that this website can be a place to share some of what God is doing in our neighbourhood. The words in the title above play a pivotal role in the story the Bible tells. They are the words which introduce the creation story in the first chapter of Genesis and they introduce the story of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

Both of these texts tell the story of a God who is infinitely involved in the life of this world. Genesis tells us how God created the world and the gospel of John tells how God entered into creation in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.

My prayer is that this website like the Church it represents might be a small part of the work that God began at creation and continues to bring to fulfillment in Jesus.



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